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Inspivo Manager FREE

A one stop shop for running your business. Why piece together a handful of different tools when there’s one that can do everything you need? Calendar, documents, payment processing - it’s all here.
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Inspivo Manager PRO - Hiring

When business is growing and you need more hands on deck, we can help! Inspivo Manager PRO offers organized hiring in 3 simple steps - from online applications, to candidate sorting, to final hiring selections, we make hiring a breeze.
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Inspivo Manager PRO - Invoicing

Invoice like a pro with our easy to use invoicing tool. We keep your invoicing organized so you can create and send invoices in seconds.
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Inspivo CRM

When you've got a sales team, you need a robust yet easy to use CRM to manage your customer relationships. Our customer centric solution has everything you need to manage your business.
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Inspivo Payments

Get paid faster than you can say cha-ching. We help you get setup with the best payment processing tools for your business.
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Accepting payments, managing employees and taking care of inventory in one tool? You've got it with Clover systems. Let us help you get set up with one of the best and fastest to learn POS systems.
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Built by us, for you

Inspivo Manager was built out of our own need for a tool that helped us manage business in one place. We realized if we wanted to find that perfect solution, we’d have to build it ourselves. Once we built it we knew we needed to share this with fellow small businesses. So, that’s why we’re introducing it to you! Cue your sign of relief - this is the tool you’ve been looking for.

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